In Monaco, Gastronomy,
local and season are linked!

From urban gardens to organic restaurants, through the reasoned choice of products and the fight against food waste, the environmental approach is deeply rooted in the principlesof the Monegasque restaurant.

Less transport, more taste, discover and savor the culinary creations of our Chefs.



After the initiave called "La Petite Boite", created in order to encourage restaurant customers to take away the remains of their meal, Monaco is fighting against food waste again with a new concept .


L’Orangerie – The first premium orange liqueur made in Monaco

In the story, the orange production was the mainstay of the Monegasque economy. The oranges were sold to markets near or transported by merchant ships.

Even today, 600 orange trees line the streets of the Principality. They are hand -picked once a year and now, transformed by L’Orangerie which extracts a 100% natural liquor.
No chemical is allowed either for the treatment of the fruits or during the elaboration of the liquor!

L’Orangerie can be enjoyed chilled on its own, or in a cocktail.


Meatless Mondays at Stars’N’Bars

Animal agriculture is one of the largest sources of greenhouses gases, contributing to global warming.

However, solutions can be found like eat sustainable meat and reduce its consumption.

It has been shown that reducing meat consumption, even one day a week, could have a reduction in greenhouse gases equivalent to 1 660 km a year.

In order to help their client to make positive changes, StarsNBars propose the “Meatless Monday” replacing the dish of the day by a hearthy new dish with a variety of raw or cooked vegetables, vegetable protein, beans and healthy grains.



Si la loi visant à interdire les couverts en plastique et par extension les pailles plastiques est prévue en 2020, plusieurs établissements de la Principauté se sont d’ores et déjà engagés et ont décidé de les remplacer par des pailles biodégradables.

Rappelons que le plastique représente 95 % des déchets sur les plages et en mer Méditerranée et les pailles plastiques sont ingérées par les animaux marins.



Elsa is the very first 100% organic Michelin-starred restaurant

A la carte, only fresh, local and seasonal products ! According to the requirements of Chef Paolo Sari, everything must be organic ... from pepper to champagne!

The Chef Paolo Sari is inspired by the flavour of his native Italy gourmet Mediterranean cuisine with a modern touch, made even more delicious by the superb view of the sea around Monaco.



Terre de Monaco was born two years ago and since then, vegetables have not stopped growing!

With more than 1,600m² of farmland, Terre de Monaco produces according to a technique based on intensive bio-agriculture and permaculture.

To date, more than 2,579 kg of fruit and vegetables have been harvested in Monaco and production continues to diversify! Indeed, chicken coops and hives have expanded the offer of Terre de Monaco and Jessica, the founder, has embarked on catering and creating workshops!

If the "Land of Monaco" vegetables are primarily intended for owners, you can also enjoy them in the restaurants of Monte Carlo Bay & Resort because the establishment houses one of the gardens, used by Chef Marcel Ravin for his culinary creations.

Terre de Monaco also offers the sale of plans and products transformed some days at the Condamine Market.


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